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Our School

At VHS Pullach classical Taekwon-Do will be teached since 1985 under the Leadership of Grandmaster Jürgen Englerth, 6th Dan. Englerth is a personal student of Grandmaster Song, Chae-Yong, 7th Dan.


Around 400 people practice on six days a week in the Korean Martial Art. The range includes women, men and children from 5 to 80 years. We do not practice full-contact, instead we stop every technique controlled short before the target. Because of this, weak and strong partners can practice together without risk. Classical Taekwon-Do is amazing and enforces fitness, wellness and self confidence. As a nice side effect our members learn a effective self-defence.


Wer es selbst einmal ausprobieren möchte, der kann sich bei der VHS Pullach informieren. Ein Probetraining ist jederzeit möglich.